Client News: Conkey Cruisers

Conkey Cruisers kicks off their 5th season bicycling to better health. Conkey Cruisers was founded by Nurse Theresa Bowick, who is a long time resident of the city's northeast side. She often exercised near Conkey Corner Park where a child who lived in the neighborhood saw her and mistakenly thought she was running from law enforcement officers (yikes!).  At that moment she knew she had to do something to show youth and adults that exercising is a part of life in urban neighborhoods. Each summer Conkey Cruisers dock from Conkey Corner Park to cruise loops on the El Camino Trail and paths near the Seneca Park Zoo. Riders ages 2 and up are eligible to participate. Registration forms are available at and the cost to participate is free of charge.   

Cruise Groups:

Baby Cruisers- Ages 2-5

Kid Cruisers- Ages 6-12

Teen Cruisers- Ages 13-19

Adult Cruisers- Ages 20-54

Golden Cruisers- Ages 55 and older