Business Owner introduces innovative family planning tool

Professional women and their families lose out on more than 20-30% of lifetime income because of the transition from pregnancy to becoming mothers. This loss is a driving force of the 'gender pay gap.' Employers also struggle with retention because of the seemingly difficult task for women to balance family with work obligations all while working in highly demanding careers.

Yasmin Mattox of Arkatecht LLC., will introduce a solution for the problem. Through her company, Arkatecht LLC, Mattox is creating digital tools that assist professional women with proactively planning for family expansion while also developing their careers to reach success. She will discuss the problem and solution at AlterConf in NYC on August 29, 2017.

Arkatecht’s first product, which is in the pre-development stage will be the first of its kind to address an inherent need for women in the workplace. This planning software will allow a user to input data that will assess the woman’s needs to help prepare and counsel her for the duration of her pregnancy and postpartum period as it relates to professional development.  As a mother herself, Mattox understands the difficulty women face in the workplace, and the challenges are much greater when expanding a family.


About Yasmin: New York native, Yasmin J. Mattox has lived in Rochester, NY since 2007. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Alfred University and went on to earn a Master of Science in International Studies from St. John Fisher College in 2011. Throughout her career she has done work in the legal, mental health, energy, and higher education sectors. The common and connecting thread between those areas has always been her love and commitment to research especially that which helps society better understand human thought processes, motivations, and behaviors. Mattox strives to help individuals and societies make better decisions that lead to more human progress and fulfillment. She owned a social science research and consulting firm for more than four years and has recently founded a technology company called Arkatecht.